MP3 +WAV+WMA Decoder Board

Hi all,

I’m looking for some advice. To add to my current project, I got one off theses

MP3 +WAV+WMA Decoder Board 2W Amplifier TF Card Audio AUX WITH IR Remote Control

(pic attached)

I want to write a code to display the current title song that is playing, But I don’t know how or if I can connect the decoder board to a lcd.

Can anyone tell me if and how this can be done ?

thank you


Do you have a link to the specs?

...Probably not, unless you can read/write the memory card from the Arduino. Typically, you load the audio files onto the card with your computer, then the Arduino "triggers" the soundchip to read from the memory card.

You might be able to make a separate small database in the Arduino's memory (or on the Arduino's EEPROM) to correspond to the list of songs on the memory card.