MPX10DP Instrumentation Amplifier?

I am trying to use a MPX10DP and small standard pitot tube (from RC plane) to find high wind speed. (0mph to 200mph) I used Bernoulli equation to determine that I would need a DP sensor that with an upper range of 10 kPa. The problem is that I am not getting a noticeable voltage change from my sensor.

I am new to the electronics side of this and from the little research I could understand I think I need and instrumentation amplifier. I am not sure how these work but I am guessing that this would amplify the voltage of my sensor to a range that my SainSmart Due Atmel SAM3X8E ARM Cortex-M3 board could read more accurately and precisely. As of right now I am just reading the voltage out from the sensor using the analog in ports on my board. It seems that I am just getting to much noise because nothing is steady.

I would really appreciate it if someone could verify this is what I need and tell me which amplifier would be best for my project. I would also be up to different ideas for a better high speed wind calculator.

Here are the data sheets I have found

This sensor needs amplification with an instrumentation amp.
Not easy to get things right for a novice in electronics.

Those sensors are also available with inbuild instrumentation amp.
I think the MPX5010 is one of them.
But that one needs 5volt, and outputs ~0-5volt.
A problem for your 3.3volt board.
MPX has a whole range of sensors.
Maybe you can find one for 3.3volt.

Problem with pitot tubes is pressure varies with the square of wind speed so if you have 10kPA at 200 MPH you only have 0.1 kPa at 20 MPH and 0.025kPa at 10. But you CAN get analog IC squarers and square-rooters from companies like Analog Devices and Burr-Brown.

Thanks Wawa and outsider. What are IC squares and square rooters and how would they help me. I understand what you are saying about velocity being a squared term and I can see how that would hurt me but I do not understand how those instruments would help me.

Can you guys think of another method to measure that high of windspeed that would be beneficial to my project? One thing that might be different than other wind projects is that I only car about wind in one direction. I dont think a classic anemometer with the cups will allow me to do this. Also they are not very compact and can not usual do the speeds I am looking for.

What is the range you want to measure.
If it's a small-ish range, then you don't need special opamps.
A solution for your MPX10DP sensor might be a HX711 breakout board.
Instrumentation amp and A/D converter in one.
No experience interfacing it with a Due.
Maybe someone else can help you there.