Mpx2010dp negative pressure not detect

Hey, I have mpx2010dp and LM358P IC using it with Arduino Mega 2560.Applying positive or negative pressure using syringe at pressure sensor positive port then received positive pressure in serial monitor and when the IC is replaced with another LM358P IC with it shows positive as well as negative pressures which is the desired output to get both positive and negative pressures.
So my question is why some ICs fail to get negative value when used in same hardware.
I have attached the circuit , please suggest if anything can be done to it.

What do you mean by negative pressure output? The circuit it connected to an analog input of the Arduino so it will always output a value between 0 and 1023.

The sensors is not made to measure negative pressures as that doesn't exist. The sensor has a pressure input P1 and a vacuum input P2. You cannot have a pressure lower than a vacuum.

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