MS Access/Excel Copy/Paste Woes

I've poked around a bit looking for a solution. I'm using Office 2010.

When I copy/paste a single record from Access to Notepad, it works fine. When I copy/paste several records, Windows seems to add extra quotes around just some of the records and makes some of the double quotes turn into double-double quotes ""!""

Another problem I had was when exporting a table to plain text, even though the field is set to Memo, I was experiencing field truncating to 255 characters.

The quote issue seems to happen with Excel as well - this is not a solution, so no need to click:

How is this Arduino related?

Arduino is only indirectly related to the extent of by me keeping my sanity, I'll be able to continue playing with Arduino.

I'm just going to write a VBA function and forget about trying to understand MS idiosyncrasies.

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