MS8 (8 bit MSOP) to DIP Adapter(s)?

I'm a hobbyist working on some personal projects. For one of them, I want to use the LTC6904 chip (LTC6904 Datasheet and Product Info | Analog Devices).
but it is only made in an 8-bit MSOP package (MS8). I don't wish to solder this chip (I'm just not good at it), so I was looking for an adapter to some carrier - like a DIP - that I could solder into a breadboard or insert into a solderless breadboard. After some time looking, I didn't find one. Perhaps someone knows of such an adapter?

PS: I was hoping to bend the pins in the IC downward and then insert them into a socket.

msop to dip adapter: Search Result | eBay

Yes, I saw those after I wrote the post. The large grey ones are too expensive, and the others require the MSOP chip to be soldered to the adapter board. That's not what I wanted because the soldering is hard for me to do. I wanted to bend the MSOP leads and insert them into a socket.