Multiple Analog Inputs to Arduino Nano


I am using an Arduino Nano and I am wondering if it is possible to read the analog input in one pin from a set of force sensors attached to a 20 pin connector via PC Ribbon cable? If so, I am looking for some guidance on the circuit setup and the code to do so.

Thanks in advance.

please post a link to your exact device.

there may be a way, but the only way we will know is to see what signals are available.

Here’s the device:


Can you read multiple analog signals with a Nano? Yes.

I don't see a 20 pin ribbon cable or connector on that unit.

Looking to connect something like this to the breadboard to serve as the input.

I don't know of a solderless breadboard that will accept that connector. That connector is 0.2" spacing, the center of the solderless breadboard is 0.4". But not all is lost. Use a soldered perf board to make an adapter. Solder that connector to a perf board, then solder a 0.1" header in the correct place and stick the header pins into the solderless breadboard. Perf board that is strip style and through hole plated will be the easiest.

Posting a picture of an Arduino Nano on an Arduino forum is not very helpful.
We all know what a Nano is.

Not sure what you’re trying to do.
A Nano has 8 analogue inputs, and you can plug pinheaders with 0.1" spacing in a breadboard.
But NOT the double-row connectors like you linked to.
And the pins of single-row connectors might be too short.
A breadboard is for development. A real circuit board (or stripboard/Veroboard) should be used with those connectors.

Tell us what you are trying to do.
20 force sensors?