Multiple arduino uno on usb hub


im planing to use 4-5 arduinos on one usb hub is it possible

if possible with usb hubs would work


Never tried. Give it a try and let us know how it works.

There is no reason why it should not work provided that the hub can supply enough current.

I have regularly worked with 3 Arduinos plugged into a powered USB hub and apart from the problem of remembering which COM port was allocated to each of them I have had no problem

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how much current would be enough?

The maximum current draw of a Uno is about 200mA but that would be unusual

Do not power anything like a servo or motor directly from the Uno 5V pin as it is not intended to be used as a power supply

so like this

That hub appears to be able to supply up to 3 Amps so should be OK


If the arduinos are genuine, each has a unique serial number so at least on PC (and on nix with some udev rules) your each arduino appears as a separate serial port (COM port on PC) and that unique port number or name does not change if you reboot or switch hub ports. If you use some cheap compatible arduino boards with CH340 USB-serial chip, it has no serial number so I suspect the order of COM port number or nix COM port names can be very arbitrary between power cycle. I have this experience with CH340. You plug in one such arduino it appears as say COM5. Unplug it and plug in another one with CH340, it appears also as COM5. So "using" is a very broad term. If you just wish to have them all run programs without having to talk to PC, fine. If talking to PC is required, use genuine arduinos so you won't be pulling your hair off when you just can't have pc talk to the right arduino.

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