Multiple MPU-6050s on a single Arduino UNO R3?

Hello, I just recently started working with Arduino and I’m HIGHLY interested. Right now, I’ve committed my time to learning about Arduino’s abilities with Gyroscopes and Accelerators; I’ve been pretty successful on my own*(with a lot of time researching)* so far. I’ve been able to get data from my MPU-6050, GY-521 sensor, and display it. (But I don’t particularly understand how to actually capture the data from the sensor) My goal is to create a ‘controller’ for my PC using TWO GY-521 sensors. One sensor would be the main sensor, while the other would be relative to the first.(if that makes sense) So I was wondering how I could connect two of the GY-521 sensors to my only Arduino UNO R3 board.

My research shows that the chip would only allow for a maximum of two sensors connected to the board. (which is fine)

Here is an example of my work so far! I’m pretty excited!

My Arduino and Processing codes attached.

SendingData.pde (350 Bytes)

SendingData.ino (36.2 KB)