Multiplexing and led strips

Hi I am trying to operate LED strips in place of the multiplex LED display. I have tried using low voltage(5volt) relay circuits switching 12volts to light up the LED strips this does not seem to work as it looks like it does not give a positive switch. Do you have any ideas maybe low voltage solid state relays?

OK, now you need to explain in detail what you are talking about. :astonished:

What do you mean by "LED strips"? Give a Web link to what you have.

What do you mean by "in place of the multiplex LED display"? Give a Web link to what you have.

What do you mean by "does not seem to work"? What does it do or not do?

There are no "low voltage solid state relays" in the context you give here. You can use "logic level" FETs, but only when you detail your project and all the parts you have to hand, can we offer suggestions. :grinning:

Thanks for your prompt reply
I have 12v led display automation digital display timer. And am trying to replace the display with a larger display which is made up of boxed outdoor bright Drl LED strips, each 12volts.
Might be an impossible project but must be some way of running it.
I tried to add photos?

The multiplexed out put for the led display needs to run the larger display I have created.
I have tried using 24 of the Arduino 5volt relays

I have tried using 24 of the Arduino 5volt relays

A relay is too slooow to follow a multiplexed display.

A TPIC6B595 shift register is commonly used to drive large 7-segment displays,
assuming the 12volt segments don't draw more than 150mA each.
But then you can't interface them with the timer? module you have.

What do you really want to do.

Thanks Leo
What I am doing is running a larger display that can be seen from a distance, everything that is on the timer circuit I have is perfect for the job, but I need to build some sort of interface. If relays are too slow I will try building it with what is best and that is were I got stuck.
I will try it with a shift reg if that is the track I should be going down?

Translating the outputs of the processor on that timer board might be more work and more expensive than building a timer and large display driver from scratch with e.g. an Uno or Nano.

If you want advice, then we need to know what you want that timer to do,
and what sort of current the LED strips require.

Thanks Leo
I am trying to run a large display of LED’s as a count down timer for already set go race(ie: it has to count down from say 2min and be able to be restarted if nessasery using a remote control)
If it would be better to start from scratch, any ideas on a circuit diagram of a timer that would be suitable for my project?
I have a remote control circuit witch I can use so it’s just the timer for the large display
each led is 12v DC 7.5W

A TPIC6B595 can't switch 12volt/7.5watt LEDs.
External transistors are needed for that sort of current.

You could use four 74HC595 shift register chips and 28 power mosfets for the four digits. (moderator here) makes the perfect board for that.
I would start with constructing the display/driver first.

Hi Leo
I have looked at the IRF520 mosfet driver and not sure if I should be looking at the mosfet F53055
4 channel pulse trigger switch.
I am hoping to find circuit boards already made up like Arduino circuits boards and there is a wide variety just getting the right one?

Mosfet modules usually have non logic level mosfets that shouldn't be used with an Arduino.
The IRF540 is such a non-logic level mosfet.