Mute Audio Line in


I have a arduino uno and a MP3 shield.
And both working fine, i have made a little code that when i pressed a button, a mp3 file is playing.

But i want to make a Audio signal IN and audio OUT to and from my Ardion Uno, a schield or maybe a IC or something, that when i pressed the button, the audio from the cdplayer, mixer or what ever MUTE and the mp3 file is playing and when the file has stop playing, the audio signal wil be unmute.

So music is playing to audio IN and comes out to Audio Out, when pressed button, audio signal wil be MUTE, file is planing, when file is stop, the music wil be back.

Now its not the program code what i search but a methode, IC, shield or something where i can put in my audio signal and my audio out, that can made a mute, like a relais (i know relais is not the way to break the audio signal but than a better way) but controlled by Ardunio.

Anyone a idea how or example from little shield or IC?

Thanks allot


Which mp3 shield are you using? Some of them already have an 'advertisement pause' feature. Read the product manual/ data sheet.


This one: SparkFun MP3 Player Shield - DEV-12660 - SparkFun Electronics

But this one has no audio signaal input.

I want the audio signal from cdplayer/mixer mute with a IC of maybe it possible on the Arduino self? In other way controlled by the Ardiuno. MP3 shield is only playing the files.

Thanks allot

Have a look at

If you Google “arduino digital volume control” you will find many other examples of ways to do what I think you want.


Muting a signal is very simple: