My 1 karma has gone!! Who have I upset?

Last week I had it now it is gone.

All that effort to get it and it is gone, gone, gone.


I show you have 2 karma points.

I have gone back to my profile and it shows 0. When I select edit settings, it shows as 3.

Just after I posted last, my ability to Reply disappeared. I could do anything else but Reply. Even logging out and in did not work. Nor using a different browser.

I finally emailed the webmaster and now can Reply.


You really should try looking through some of the other threads in this section. Don't go by the topic heading when you select which ones to read as many of the threads went off topic. After you read a few you will get a sense of the nonsense arising from the forum 'upgrade'.


It appears the forum admins have chosen to not display Karma any more under your name (on the left of the posts). It is however available under your forum profile, and also under your own profile (two different numbers, heh).

If I click on your (default) avatar above I see you have 4 Karma at present.

The profile Karma is off tho. My profile karma is lower than has been shown here recently and I don't think it's changed in my profile since the forum upgrade.

Obviously more undocumented features!!