My Arduino UNO is not getting recognized, please help

Hello I am new with arduino, I'll buy arduino uno week ago, and now its not getting recognizned.
I cannot select port on Arduino Ide, and Windows is recognizing this device as Unknown USB Device Port (Reset Failed) and its showing code 43. please HELP i tried everything but nothing worked.



Code 43 is normally a windows error and normally to do with a driver.
That topic is covered at least once in those sticky posts you passed before your typed your question.

But for you I will narrow it down a little and say it is one of these links but wont tell you which. :smiley:

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It's broken then.

How about slowing down a bit :

Is it an Arduino UNO or a different brand?
What have you actually tried so far?
Have you tried it on a different Computer?

No its not different brand, i tried to unnistall it and reŇ°tart Windows but IT didnt worked, I also tried to install driver from arduino but IT didnt worked too.

And I tried it on another two computers but it didnt

Did you try the things listed in the second link ?