Code 43 before first use of Arduino Uno, device not recognized

Hello everyone,

I just ordered an Arduino Uno Starter Kit and was so excited to play with it - but it never connected to Windows 10.

I installed the IDE software, connected the Arduino and all I got were errors that Windows doesn’t recognize the board (because it’s giving a Code 43 error message).

I tried reinstalling the drivers both with the Arduino connected and disconnected, I switched the power supply to a cellphone USB charger and reset it, I tried uploading the Blink Sketch and then press reset (all of these are solutions I found in the forum), but nothing helps.

Since I have never used this device before, I always get an error “Serial port not selected.” if I try to upload another sketch, which seems to be the solution for similar errors.

Another suggested solution is to assign a new COM port, but this also doesn’t work because Windows doesn’t recognize the device in the first place, so there is no Port Setting possible, it doesn’t show up.

Can anyone help me please? It’s a bit of a bummer not even being able to start the device for the very first time… thanks in advance!


A link to where I ordered it you mean? Well, on this very website: Arduino Starter Kit Multi-language

Can you tell me which other drivers? I'm happy to try in any case...

Lucky me, the price was lowered by 15€ right after I ordered :slight_smile:


Ok I feel really stupid now, the problem was actually that the USB cable wasn't plugged into the Arduino fully (it was rather hard to push and I didn't want to break anything), and since the LEDs were on I thought it had to be fine ::slight_smile:

Thanks a lot!