My computer can't find port

I have a problem with a port that my computer can’t find, only 2 appear - COM3 and COM4 but neither belongs to arduino

I don’t know but it’s possible that there is something with arduino uno every or I don’t have some driver installed

To get a port appear you don’t need a driver installed
But you try out by going to Get board info

What exact type of your arduino board? Give photo please.

mine is Arduino mega 2560
And make sure to select the exact processor ,of which type of Arduino you are using.

My is arduino nano every

it writes this to me when I click on get board information:
I can’t retrieve information from the built-in serial port

And yes I’m sure I have the right processor.

Did you read Getting started with the Arduino NANO Every?
You need to add the Arduino megaAVR Core to your Arduino IDE.

so make sure which COM
Go to Device manager if you are using a PC or laptop
And check to which USB is the arduino nano connected
And finally don’t forget to select the type of programmer you are to use

yes i read it

I don’t now witch COM it is and in device manager is not showing.

Hello @kutil753 ,
Follow the steps below to install the core of your board via the IDE::

· Tools > Board > Boards Manager

· Search for " Arduino megaAVR Boards"

· From the drop-down menu select the latest version

· Click “Install”

· Wait for installation to finish

· Click “Close” and restart your IDE.

If the above steps fails to correct the issue, please uninstall the IDE and delete its folder in the directory it is installed in your windows. Then download and re-install the IDE and ensure that you do the steps above before starting to compile and upload your sketch.


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