My first Self Balance Robot Segway using Arduino with no Wheel Sensor : )

Hi Guys, recently I have just built an easy Self Balance Robot using Arduino UNO board, IMU Analog Combo Board - 5 Degrees of Freedom LPR550 Gyroscope + MMA7361 Accelerometer and a pair of economic DC motors. As for easier construction, there is no wheel speed sensors needed. I think this is same as the control board for DIY Segways... This is easy, stable and interesting :) For more IMU info: Just want to share this with someone who inerested in DIY Self Balance Scooter/ Segway ;)

Author: Hong Kong IVE (Tysing Ti) Higher Diploma in Mechanical Engineering Part Time Evening Student

Equipment: Controller: Arduino UNO Sensor: IMU Analog Combo Board - 5 Degrees of Freedom LPR550 + MMA7361 Motor: 24V DC 350W *2pcs Speed Controller: 60A H-Bridge Dual DC Motor Driver Battery: 12V 12Ah Lead Acid Battery *2pcs in Series for 24V

Equipment supplier:

Smile Arduino Balance Robot without Wheel Sensor! (Free Source Codes)