Nano Every ATmega4808 guide

Hope it helps someone.

Bought a nano every from china. Came with ATmega4808 instead of 4809.

Arduino IDE keep giving me errors.

First I had to download the driver (CH340)

Then the add the Thinary board to the library

Works fine now.

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Thanks for the update.

I'm trying Every with ATmega4808 too, but it‘s not so smooth when I transfer nano program to Every. for example Serial must define to Serial1. When I tried SoftwareSerial with D3 and D4, it seems not work, would you have any advise? Thanks a lot!

I don't have a Nano 4808 just yet; I'm still waiting for it to arrive in the mail.
However, I do have a working Nano 4808 implementation for MegaCoreX, where Serial is the port used for the Serial monitor. It's it has not yet been released as a boards manager release, but it's still possible to give it a try:

after test, I found that not all pins can used as TX/RX. For example, the pair D7,D8 can be used as either Tx or Rx; and D3,D4 can't function correctly, D4 for Rx is ok, but D3 for Tx doesn't work.

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