Nano Micro USB Extension

Newbie question here…

I am wanting to add a micro USB breakout board to my project as the nano micro USB is orieentated incorrectly for my application.

Now I appreciate that I can simply add a micro USB breakout and have it supply power to the nano via the 5v and GND pins - but if I wanted to maintain data in and out functionality (so I can reprograme the nano easily from the new USB) can I utilise nano pins TX & RX for this purpose?

can I utilise Nano pins TX & RX for this purpose?

No, you have to connect to the USB pins "D+" and "D-" if you want to connect by USB. :roll_eyes:

Removal of the SMD micro USB is the only way then.....or, connect a USB lead to the nano's USB, strip the cable and piggy back off the D+ / D- wires......

You can program via the RX and Tx pins and use an off board FTDI /USB converter. You need to use a 10k pull up on the reset pin and a 0.1uf capacitor also connected to the reset pin and the DTR pin on the the FTDI.
This will work fine for reprogramming .