Necessary Components to Plan for in my Project

My project will entail a midi message being read, and then each note momentarily activating a different servo motor (which would return to position 0 again afterward), all in time with the music. I've read about midi controller, sequencers, and synthesizers, but I don't completely understand the nuances yet. So for my purposes, which one or more of these will I need? (BTW, when each note activates a motor, I will be keeping all variables of the motor fixed (speed, angle of rotation, etc.).)

In addition, how complicated would this get if I used stepper motors instead? The one upside to using stepper motors would be that I can have positional control and always rotate in the same direction rather than returning to 0 every time. I've been told that using steppers would overcomplicate things, and I don't want to try taking that on as a novice. Thanks.