Need a recommendation for a tft display

Im looking to buy a new display with the following criteria .
Atleast 3.5 but would prefer 7" or greater.
Less then 150$
Easy, organized library.
Ease of use
More popular
Verh important to be able to turn the display on or off.
With ability to have a turn off after x amount of time.
Less pins the better but not overly necessary.
Touch screen with a good library to support that as well.

I randomly bought a few displays and they were all junk.


What library does it use? And is the sleep mode 100% off?


FT813 7" Sunlight Readable TFT from Newhaven Display

Boards: F429I-DISCO, M4-DEMO, M3-DEMO, F407VE, F103C8, F103VE, Nucleo F767ZI, Teensy 3.2, Teensy 3.5, Teensy 3.6, arduino MEGA, arduino Due, Arduino UNO, ESP32, ESP8266

Library GD23Z