Need board selection for LILYGO SIM7600G-H ESP32 T45-V1.2

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Im new to arduino and just bought "LILYGO-SIM7600G-H-R2-ESP32-4G-LTE-WROVER-B" T45-V1.2 board for sending the GPS data to cloud via mobile network(sim card connected) I couldnt find any examples or sample projects in internet.

I need everybody help in guiding how to start with this board.
Help me in resolving the following points

  1. I dont know which board to be selected from Arduino IDE
  2. I have two type c ports in this board. Im not sure which one to be used to upload the arduino code.

below is the link from website

Hari Vignesh S

Google will tell you the maker's website:

Searching there for "SIM7000" will get you to the product page:

The product page points to the documentation and examples:

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I am using the same board for my project. Use the provided type C connector on board for upload of firmware. or you could use CP2102 USB Module to connect directly to TX & RX on gpio 1 & 3.

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Have bought the same board and still the issue is the same, there docs at github are confusing and referring to the one with 1 usb c but TTGO SIM7600E-H version has two for some unknown reason, any guidance would be awesome!

The USB C on the LEFT is for connecting SIM7600E module to your PC directly (for USB internet tethering). The USB C on the right that has TTL labelled on it, is for flashing programs to ESP32 WROVER chip. There is also a DIP switch on the backside of the board for such selection. You can go on the link below and help yourself.

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