Need Help 8x8x8 Cube

Hey, hopefully I’m posting this in the correct area, if not I apologize.

But I’m at a dead end and need some help… This cube is acting odd, after I wired it all up, I uploaded some code to Arduino Uno (I was following a YouTube video on how to make a 8x8x8 LED cube and used the code provided). When I powered it on, the cube lit up for a little while, then turned off. I pushed the reset button and nothing happened, pushed the button on my cube’s pcb and nothing happened. I unplugged and re-plugged it all in and it did the same pattern then turned off.

Then by accident I unplugged the wire going to D13 on the Arduino, the cube lit up and went through a different pattern and will continue to cycle that pattern.

Its not at all doing the patterns that it should be doing (according to the YouTube video and the code provided)

I attached some files so you can see whats going on. I also added a picture of the diagram I followed. There is an error on the diagram picture though, pin 1 goes to D8 on Arduino, the picture says D13.

This is the video I was following:

And lastly the sketch file is attached.

Any troubleshooting ideas? I’m not sure where to go from here. Is there any other info I can provide to help solve this? Please let me know. I would reallllyyy appreciate any help. Thank you!!

sketch_jan03a.ino (11.3 KB) (1.76 MB)

Here is the other video, how it reacts when D13 is pluggged in. I don’t mean to reply to my own post, ran out of allowed upload space in my first post. (1.88 MB)

Hello Shatterpoint25,
Welcome to the forum.

Can I just check I have this correct; you have built a cube by following some instructions you found on the web, including some code that was provided? Your project doesn't work as it should and you don't understand it? Now you are asking here in the hope that someone here will know what is wrong and tell you the answer?

While it is always possible that someone here might be able to tell you, consider that we didn't provide the project or the code, consider also that the primary purpose of these fora is to help people interested in electronics in general and the Arduino micro-controller in particular to learn about those things. I suggest you have 3 possible ways to solve your problem:

  • Go back to whoever created the project and ask them for help; it's their creation after all.
  • Learn to program an Arduino, there is a great deal of help and support on this web site and elsewhere to take you from complete beginner to the level of expertise you need to find the problem yourself. You will also get help from members if you get stuck and show genuine willingness to learn.
  • Ask a moderator to move this to 'gigs and collaborations', and offer to pay someone to resolve the problem for you.

I hope you take the second option.
Good luck.

This is all I needed to see. Not much point looking at your other files. This is a bad design which exceeds the design limits of its components. The resistors on the anode drivers are too low and will eventually cause the shift registers to fail. On the cathode side, there are no current limiting resistors at all between the shift register and the transistors, I'm surprised if it worked for more than a minute before something popped. The diagram isn't even labelled correctly. The anodes are clearly the columns, not the layers.

Unfortunately it won't be easy to fix. Because the cube has anode columns and cathode layers, there are few driver chips that will work with that configuration. 74hc595 is cheap but it is not an led driver chip, and a poor choice for an led cube, having a low maximum current rating.

I don't know why removing the D13 connection makes anything work, it should not work at all with that connection removed, not the other way around.

So my advice to get it working would be to start over with a good design. When you come up with a design, or find an existing one, post a link to it here so we can check it over for you before you spend any of your time and money on it. If you have problems after that, it will be worth the effort for us to help you fix it.