Need help getting started with a robot...

So I actually had a workshop 2 years back and got a robot making kit...which was kept untouched afterwards...
But then something caught my interest and I really want to get started with it.
Currently I have 2 DC motors, Arduino Uno board(Wasn't from the kit I got...But Uno seems easy to understand), there is another board kind of thing which I have no knowledge about, let me describe it, it has M1-In,M2-In,M1-out,M2-out pins and two more pins to insert wires which says + and -, it has a micro-controller and 2 jumpers...(Sorry if this is a common thing and I am too stupid to know about it!).
I just need help knowing these parts and their connection to the motors, even the code!

Please help me out with this!!

A picture is worth a thousand words


M1...M2 is probably for a DC motor ?

Are there by chance any names on the board or a number or some other kind of identificaton ?


Sorry for not including pictures in my other post. The pics I included with this post are the components I have and need help with.
1)The Arduino board… Need help with the connections to make the motor work. Also I have no idea what to select as the name of the arduino in the IDE because there is no mention of the arduino boards name on it.
2)I have no idea about the second part. I do remember I had connected my motors wires into there then from these to the arduino.
3) Arduino Uno… Recently got this and would be bettr if I could make the robot work on this.
4)The motors on the base(Chasis?)
5)Light sensor… Code and connections…
6)Sound sensor… I have no idea about the connections and the code to be written.
Can someone help me understand the parts in the pics and to make a simple line following robothereafter I would be able to follow up other types of robot. (Sound sensored… Also I have a bluetooth module maybe try something wireless with it)

I am no electronic student but these components are with me and I would eagerly love to learn about it! Sorry if I am at the wrong sub-forum.
And it seems I cant post files which are more than 1mb so I had to take pics of all the components together instead of individual.

Arduino pic2.pdf (550 KB)