Need help with ardurino and 12v ledstrip


I need some help with a project that i am working on.

what I want to achieve is that 8 led strips turnes on and off individually and take a picture with an iPhone each time a led strip is turned on.

my idea is to connect eight 12v led strips with bluetooth shutter from a selfiestick to an aldurino.
Reason im using 12v led strip because as far as I know only 12v ledstrip that have 5500 in kelvin.

I need help in how to setup this.

Try and read the first topic in this section. It tells what information we usually need to give knowledge instead of wild and useless guesses.
Some help.... About what part of the project?

Also, what have you done so far?

basically i need to know what parts i need and how i setup it.

So, nothing? No research?


Start by looking for tutorials on each component you are considering using.
Then make a good attempt to draw a schematic and bring it back here.
Then work on the code one piece at a time, and bring it back here for help.
It all starts with you.