need help with judge dredd lawgiver lights and sound [IMAGES]

Hi, first of all i have no experience in electronics or arduino, so willing to start learning. I have a judge dredd lawgiver blaster based on the 1995 movie. I want it to light up like the film and make a sound at the same time. So the idea being that you press a switch and 5 LEDs on each side (10 in total) light up sequentially with about 1/4 of a second or less between time. At the same time it would make an initiation sound, so i will need a speaker connected. When the switch is turned off the power down sound will play and the LEDs will light down in reverse sequence. so based on this info can anyone help me out as to what arduino board i will need as well as other parts for this? I can get one of the coders at my work to maybe help me with the c++ programing as they are dabbling with arduino though look at me blankly when i explain this idea to them.

Any advice or help on this would be much appreciated :)

LED's should be simple. Just 5 (or 10) arduino pins driving them directly through a resistor. You need to specify what size/power and colour(s) they need to be. For the sounds something like this will need a couple of pins to control. You will also need a small speaker. Switch could be as simple as using a single pin.

You could easily do this with an Arduino pro mini or other similar small form factor MCU. Don't forget power for the kit. You will need some form of battery but the size available in the lawgiver will determine stuff like this.

That's great thanks Riva. So are pins connectors on the board what you solder the parts to? Also can you explain the leds through resistor?

zenonithus: That's great thanks Riva. So are pins connectors on the board what you solder the parts to? Solder, or plug wires into if you use a pin header like an UNO,MEGA have. Also can you explain the leds through resistor? The resistor is to limit the current so the Arduino pin does not get damaged.

Thanks, appreciate the explanation. Ok i'm going to look into this and will post my findings tonight.

Ok so the setup has gotten a bit more complicated now :roll_eyes:

So now the idea is that you switch on the main power and all ten LEDs light up in (five, one each side) sequential order. At the same time the power up sound plays.

You then pull the trigger and it presses on a mini button to activate a flashing firing sound and light (coming out of the barrel)

There is also a mini button on the side behind the rubber gun grip that you can press to cycle through four sound files. 1- 'RAPID FIRE' 2- 'GRENADE' 3- 'DOUBLE WHAMMEY' 4- 'FLARE'

Each time the button is pressed the 10 LEds turn off then light up in sequential order again as the sound file is played (0:56 on video below) so this indicates the gun is switching to different mode.

Turning the main power switch off can either light down the LEDs (so reverse of when it is switched on) and play a power down sound file at the same time, OR simply cut off. Though the first option would be way cooler :)

So that's pretty much it in a nutshell. Here is a diagram of the components. I don't suppose anyone here can modify this image to show how everything should connect? :)

Also here is where all the parts roughly go on the Lawgiver (right click > open image in new tab to see whole image):

and lastly here is a more complex setup, though it shows the sort of thing I want to pull off with this:

Again any help and advice is much appreciated on this.

I want one.

I'm now thinking of using a voice recognition module to activate the four different modes instead of a button. Though does anyone know of any good arduino based voice recognition modules that aren't too expensive and don't rely on a pc?

I'd keep the buttons and add a "deaf"-mode button, someone might record your voice and empty your gun :)

To answer your question, I have no experience with voice recognition, but apparently an arduino can be used.

Ebay has several ads for this cheaper module as well.

Cheers, I saw the sparkfun, though it's a bit pricey and after thinking about it I might have to drop the voice activation as at my level it would be waaay to difficult to figure out ;)