Need pressure sensor for canal monitoring project

We are currently searching for a pressure sensor that we would be able to buy for a cheap price as we need to create a large amount of the systems that we are making. The sensor will only submerge at most 3 meters, so the pressure should have a maximum pressure of 10 psi. If anyone has done something similar please help. Thank you!

Look at the MS5837-02BA01, can do up to 2 bar absolute (so almost 1 bar under water, that's about 10 meters submersion). 3 meters is about 300 mbar (why don't you just stick to metric for that?).

In volume the price can go down to about USD 10 for these sensors. Probably the cheapest, most accurate sensor around for underwater use.

An absolute sensor needs calibrating for atmospheric pressure when its used, a differential sensor
doesn't need this, but does need a pipe to the air for its reference side. A differential sensor could
be a lot more accurate, only a 50kPa range would be needed.

If the budget is tight MS5540's may work for you, I have one on a breakout board that is potted in JB weld and is still going strong after a round a year of salt water immersion.
Atmospheric pressure compensation is thanks to a 1$ BMP280 sensor, so you have water and air temperature for free :slight_smile:

We usually get more than two years out of the MS5803 series in marine water

But they are not exactly cheap. There are a number of different ways to measure water level, and some might be cheaper than submerged pressure sensors. So it might be worth looking into those.