Need programmer for my project

Hello -

I am in need of someone to write the code for the my project. I'm good at hardware, software is not my thing.

This is what I am looking to do:

I want to control 8 relays with 8 latching buttons on a touch screen. I would like the buttons to have basic 4-5 character descriptions, possibly 2 lines of text if possible on my screen. I would like the buttons to change color based on state - 1 color for on, another for off. I would like 1 extra button that would clear all latched on buttons (all off). I already have the hardware, this is what I have:

Arduino Mega 2560 R3 HVGA 480x320 3.0/3.2" TFT LCD Touchscreen TFT LCD Mega Shield V2.2 5V 8 Relay module

Please e-mail me at with any questions and your quote for programming.

Thanks! - Jerry

which country / city ?

I am located outside of Chicago, IL. USA.