Will pay $ for code. Relay control with lcd screen

Good evening.

I'm needing some code wrote for a project that is way out of my skill set. Basically I need a 12 relay board to be controlled with a 4 line lcd screen with rotary encoder. Like that one used for a 3d printer. I need the lcd to show each relay and have a simple on time adjustment and an off time adjustment. Nothing super fancy just something simple that you can scroll between relays, click on the encoder to pick a relay and then use the rotary encoder to adjust the on and off times. I'm open to suggestions and I know it takes time to code so I am willing to compensate you for your time. Please let me know if your willing to help I super appreciate any help!

Thanks all

If this forum has proof of one thing, it is this: "If a TO promises $$$, it's not worth the time."

Answere the PM that I sent to you, please

12 displays, 24 times, on a 2004 display? Good luck with that...