Need some help with TFT display.

Hi guys, I have purchased a 3.2" TFT display from ebay, here is the link The main reason I went for it was the low price. I am not able to find any demo codes for it. There is great documentation available for the adafruit TFT display ( Has anyone here made a project using the library provided by adafruit on the TFT display I have purchased? Please share your sketch with me, this way I will get some start. Help of any kind will be greatly appreciated. Please reply soon as I am way behind schedule.

First, you need to have the adapter shield too. Second you need to download the UTFT and UTFTTouch libraries. They come with example sketches.

google "Henning Karlsen", he has nice set of uTFT libraries.

Thank you very much guys, the UTFT library looks pretty good. I don't have the shield and it is not available in my country and I don't have the time left to order it from China. I intend to use it with Arduino Uno. It has 40 pins, I am not able to figure out how to interface it. If someone here has interfaced it with Uno please tell me how to go about it. Any other suggestions are also welcome.

Seems similar to the Sainsmart.

Read this article:

I was looking for same information.

Thank you

I'd advise against buying any TFT that doesn't come with full information on the interface, life is too short. Knowing its a SSD1289 chip isn't enough as that can be configured for at least 6 types of interface, 8,9,16 or 18 bit parallel and 3 or 4 wire serial. You also need to know for sure if the logic signals are 5V or 3.3V...

For ease of interfacing I'd strongly recommend the serial type for Arduino - parallel can be driven faster but for a small screen its not such a problem and 8 bit parallel needs 13 wires to drive (8 bit data, nCS, nRESET, D/C, nWR, nRD). Using the hardware SPI on an Arduino at full speed to drive a serial TFT is pretty fast.

Hello everybody ! I'm a starter with arduino, and I have bought two TFT displays :

1: 2.4" with ILI9325 controller: 2: 3.2" with SSD1289 controller:

I'm using an Arduino UNO R3 clone board,with Atmega328PU. The smaller 2.4" display work fine , but the 3.2" display doesn't work , not at all, just light backlight and that's all. I'm using tft shield, this one: I have tried out UTFT library and many other libraries but the 3.2 TFT don't work with them , not at all! How can I use this 3.2" TFT with Arduino UNO R3? This can I use with UNO R3 board at all, or just with Mega2560 board? Thank you very much !

Hi everybody !

I think I have found the problem: I think the 3.2" TFT has got a 16 bits data interface. I tried out this article: and with the correct wiring it's working. I have tried out the example code, contemplator.ino sketch and is working. But there some patterns in it which is working but there is flickering, vertical flickering white lines. I speak from experience this flickering is in connection with the drawing speed. When the drawing is slower there is less flickering. I think my 3.2" TFT coudn't work in 8 bit data modes if I'm not mistaken. But why there is flickering? Thank you very much yours answers!

Could you show us what you're seeing with some pictures or a video?

Hi, At the moment, I coudn't upload picture, because I take the circuit apart. As I wrote, vertikal whitel lines appear but just a half a tick.

I see what your getting just by the looking at the code. It’s drawing random circles on the screen at different sizes which can be drawn at any part of the screen. The issue your getting is leakage, the circle(s) is being drawn outside or too close to the edge of the screen. This will cause the buffer to leak, resulting in the screen flickering. Everyone gets it, if what they draw goes past 240x320 pixels.

You will see the exact same thing if you draw a line at 0,0 and extend it to 400, 0 across the X axis.

Probably you are right, thank you !