Need some ideas...

Hey there!

I need some ideas about projects I could make. I'm still in the learning phase and I'm not the bookworm type of a guy so I'd rather have a real project/problem to work on and learn from that. I have quite a nice background with programming and a bit of knowledge with electronic circuits but I still classify myself as a beginner/intermediate. I don't know why, but I can't really find a good idea/project to work on. Can I get a few ideas?

The parts I can use: (I'm not limited to just what I have right now, you can add some cheap parts in yourself!)

  • Arduino Uno
  • LEDs
  • IR kit
  • SPI OLED display
  • Buttons
  • Ethernet Shield
  • SD card
  • Potentiometer
  • 16 channel digital touch keyboard
  • And other really basic stuff...

Thank you! :)

First “real” project I made was a fortune teller.
You can do this if you have an LCD screen.

If you get a cheap temperature sensor such as an LM335 you could make a temperature recording system - current temp, max, min etc.


There's a bunch of ideas in the playground: Projects Ideas

If there's nothing there, what are your interests? Try looking around you - is there anything you'd like automated? Watering plants, full scale garduino? I'm tracking temperature and humidity in my house - I'd kind of like to know when the furnace is running too; any house systems you'd like to monitor or control?

I tend to get mice in my basement in the fall & winter - I'd quite like to have a system that warns me when they take up residence.

Or just spend a few hours reading threads here - people are doing all sorts of projects.