Need some quick help please :)

Hi, I have 4 12V blower fans I want to PWM from the Arduino.

Now, MOSFET’s are hard and expensive to get locally here, but would something like the 2N2222 work? I can get those very, very cheaply, and they can handle the current of all 4 blowers at full power, I just need to know:

  1. Will they work with the logic level output of the Arduino?

  2. Will they work with the PWM signals?

Dan :slight_smile:

If they can handle the power ...

1) yes put a 1k resistor tween the pwm pin and the base or you will burn it out

2) yes

OK, thanks alot :)

Argh, my electronics shop has sold them out!

If I can get TIP41C's instead, would they still work?

-Dan :)

Get TIP120 they are very common and known to work for your purpose