Neopixel word clock HELP

Hi all,

I am writing code for a clock that tells the time in words and is built out of Neopixels. The clock will be similar to the clock.png to I uploaded - to get a sense of the project.


I’m running it off an Arduino Uno and have inputs from the following sensors:

1x LDR
1x RTC (DS3231)

I have written the code and its complete, however this is my first project and I am a little unsure why my code is not working. I have done a heap of googling and even tried to hire a freelancer to help me however they weren’t able to help.

When I upload the sketch to the arudino, 5% of the time the clock will work as expected, the LED’s which correspond to a particular letter I would like lit work, however after about 4 minutes, the time will just get stuck on a certain time (the last one was 13:48) and the LED’s will just stay stuck.

The other 95% of the time when I re upload the sketch, the LED’s won’t light at all. I’m getting a -wagressing-loop-optimisations error code when I do upload the sketch however the lights have been working with this error so that was going to be my second problem to attack - it seems like the lights are working despite this issue. I’ve uploaded a copy of the error message as an attachment also.

I’ve attached a .txt of my input connections to the arduino and my code as an attachment.

Any help at all would be appreciated. I have done no coding in my life and I can’t believe how much I have been able to modify myself, however I’m now stuck!



New_clock_LDR.ino (14 KB)

Connections.txt (414 Bytes)

Hi Robbie,

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How many NeoPixels in your clock? How many will ever be lit at once? How are you powering the clock?


Neopixels              Arduino PIN
 5V power     =         5V
 Data/DIN     =         3
 GND      =         GND

LDR                    Arduino PIN
 Out          =         13
 VCC          =         5V
 Gnd          =         GND

RTC (DS3231 AT24C32)   Arduino PIN
 SLC          =         A5
 SDA          =         A4
 VCC          =         5V
 Gnd          =         GND

Do you have a series resistor (~330R) on the data line to the NeoPixels and a large capacitor (470uF+) across the power lines going to the NeoPixels?

An LDR has two connections, not 3 and would be connected to an analog pin, accompanied by a fixed resistor to form a voltage divider. What exactly is your "LDR"? Please post a link, one that can be clicked. The forum guide tells you how.