Network - Configure Button disable

Hi, i've already setup my device (MKR1010) to the IoT Cloud, now i need to setup my network, but the configure button in network appear disable like as see in the image attached. I tried in firefox and chrome.

2020-12-19 17_47_08-Window.png

2020-12-19 17_47_08-Window.png

You need firts add a "Variable" to enable the "Configure Button" on the network section. Later you can delete the variable and the "Configure Button" remain enable, i think it's a bug, because in the "starter guide" of the oplá kit didn't mention it.

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hi @Fernand017

I booked your forum post but didn't have time to get back to you before this morning.
Thank you for letting us know you figured this out and reporting this as a bug.
I'm gonna pass it to the IoT Cloud team for resolution :slight_smile: