new ili9486 / ili9488 with esp32

Hi All,

I'm trying to get this screen to work with an ESP32:

So far I have not been able to find any useful documentation.
tried TFT_eSPI ,not woking

I did get the screen to display text using this library (the parallel version of TFT_eSPI):

You have a regular ILI9488 SPI screen that works fine with Bodmer's TFT_eSPI library.

However you are using anobscure Fork that is This branch is 4 commits ahead, 283 commits behind Bodmer:master.

I suggest that you leave the IDE and delete your obsolete konkrog/TFT_eSPI library
and install the genuine article from Bodmer by:

Re-start the IDE. Install the proper TFT_eSPI via the IDE Library Manager

Configure User_Setup.h for ILI9488 and everything should work fine.
If you have a problem, quote which example and your problem. Ask here.


tried TFT_eSPI from fresh install did not work, TFT_eSPI has issue using CS also problems with using HSPI
does not work tried also Ucglib_Arduino the same problem , but adafruit_ili9341 works on it and showing as a zoomed small screen , it has the same pin assignment as typical ili9341

Thank you , hoping to see soemone made it work

User_Setup.h (12.8 KB)

You have not selected ILI9488.

I use

#define TFT_MISO 19
#define TFT_MOSI 23
#define TFT_SCLK 18
#define TFT_CS    5 //15  // Chip select control pin
#define TFT_DC    13 //2  // Data Command control pin
#define TFT_RST   12 //4  // Reset pin (could connect to RST pin)

I have the same ILI9488 display. It works fine with my own ILI9488_kbv.h and ST7789_kbv.h libraries using the same pins.
It works fine with Bodmer's TFT_eSPI.h too.


the one i recently got are ili9486 not ili9488 , it accepts the adafruit ili9341 driver but with smaller resolution on the same settings.also tried the tennsey one still not working but smehow even the Teensy lib is for 3.5" still works on ili9341 2.8" but not 3.5" ili9486

I made a tft shield the same pins as ili9341 works fine on 2.8" but not on 3.5"

i will order 3.5" tft with ili9488 and see what happnes?. will upload the the photos to show you what i see on this tft as it works fine but with smaller revolution on ili9341 driver.

i did select ili9486 on the setup but only gives u as the 3.5" RPI one, yes it should
work but it does not as 3.5" but as 2.8" on ili9341 driver.

this the one i have , few of them tried them all still the same result

Go on. Have you read the ID ?

My screen looks like your one. My ID is 0x9488.

I am fairly sure that Bodmer has a read_registers sketch.
Run it on the ILI9341
Then run it on the 3.5 inch screen

Yes, it is possible that you have an ILI9486.
I will believe you when i see your readreg report.


right , do u have a sketch where I can read the register so I can post the results here with pictures, looks like it is just resolution compatibility problem. one of the LCDs came cracked screen still functions, I may just remove the glass to see what is under it as i have no use for them if i can not make them work.