New introductory examples with Minibloq & Arduino, Fritzing diagrams and videos

We created a simple page with introductory examples, most of which include Frizting diagrams, videos and Minibloq code (mbqc files). These examples start from the very simple ones (like the well known "blink", to get started fast) adding complexity progressively. All of them include the parts list and most can be built using spare components as well as sets such as the SparkFun Inventor's Kit for Arduino, the ::oomlout:: ARDX or the RobotGroup Multiplo TechBox. We want to add more examples soon, specially from other users and with other kits (you can send yours, of course), and to improve the existing.

To see the new examples page, please follow the following link: miniBloq: Examples

There is also a new "Examples" button in Minibloq's web site