New to Arduino, building an 8 button midi pedal. Any help appreciated !

Hi. I’m completely new here.

I have a background in furniture making, and as a musician, playing keys and guitars in a band. My soldering abilities are decent, as I’ve built guitars, pedals and guitar amplifiers in the past.

I’m building a midi foot controller based on Thoren Shluter’s midi mule. I need an 8 button foot pedals to send 8 specific instructions to my Yamaha MODX synthesiser (to switch scenes). This will allow me to do it without lifting my hands from the keyboard mid-song. I only need midi out on this, as I should be able to program it by USB.

I’ve built my enclosure, and wired it up as per the plans on Thoren’s website. I was going for a 70’s synth vibe, with wooden end panels. I’ve built it with 1mm stainless steel plate, which I bent into shape. Iroko ends routed to fit the steel ends, and glued on with JBWeld glue. This was sprayed with black truck bed liner paint, which has a matt black textured finish.

At the moment, the underside is a jumble of wires. I’ve directly soldered the generic Nano onto a through hole soldered board, and made all of the connections. I plan to re-make the board with a genuine Nano, and ribbon connectors for all of the wiring on header sockets, so that it looks nice on the inside.

As a complete beginner to arduino coding and programming, I’m kind of stuck on how to assemble the bits of code that I need.

I have downloaded the Arduino Midi Library and the Switch Debouncing library by Albert van Dalen.

I’m perhaps jumping in at the deep end here, but I really want this to work. I’m prepared to do research into this and learn what I need to, but I’d appreciate any help and pointers which you might be able to give me.

What is wrong with the software linked to in that article?

As a total novice with this, I need to learn how this stuff works.

I'm not entirely sure how to connect up the generic Nano, and write to it. I don't know what to do with the information given in the website that I referred to.

I think perhaps I need to start at the beginning. I'd love a quick fix, and someone to say 'here're all the answers!', but maybe I need to do a lot of reading, and learning.

I'm not entirely sure how to connect up the generic Nano,

Use a USB lead from your computer to the Nano.

and write to it.

Download the Arduino’s IDE for your type of operating system.

The answer is on the web site. There is code and a link to two libraries.
Download the code and copy and paste it into a new window in the Arduino’s IDE. That is the application you downloaded to program Arduinos.
Install (copy) the two libraries into the Arduino’s libraries folder.