New to arduino, I need to control a 90v motor

Hi, I recently just got an Arduino Uno, plus the Bluetooth module..
I need to be able to control a 90-volt motor salvaged from an old treadmill plus the motor controller...
It currently has a potentiometer hooked up to the board but I need to replace it with the Arduino which I'm later going to use the Bluetooth module to control via an android app..
How should i hook up the board correctly?, I've never used Arduino before...

Here is a picture of the board, the red circle is the wires going to the pot:

90 volt motor and controller... You need to get down into the archives and find documentation. Who knows what flows through that pot?

This is really important cause what I'm going to use the motor is for a client...

No difference. My crystal ball doesn't transfer the data needed.

i have all the required materials so as sooner i can get this the better..

also, let's say it's going to work, How in the world do i connect it to the Arduino??
(i have a basic knowledge of electronics)

Can you measure the voltage across the pot with a volt meter?

Can you find a voltage on your board that might be used to power the Arduino?

i'm just doing the geeky part and someone else will do the rest of it..

Yes but for some reason i can only measure the ohms..

maybe the board was not receiving power or i was doing thing wrong but measuring ohms did move the dial of my volt meter but in voltage mode absolutely nothing..

so any diagram to connect a PWM? or connect those wires to the Arduino cause i don't know

We don't know either.

what should i do this is urgent

Hire an expert? Buy a functioning motor, controller and motor power supply with data sheets?

The motor, controller and motor power supply is not an Arduino problem.

yeah i can't
Just HOW do i wire it just do an attempt..

can i just get a new PWM board?
What kind do i need to make it work with the arduino?

Check this out......motor controller.

Millennials. You truly are a special generation. Here's what you should do:

  1. You should be polite to those who could potentially be of assistance.
  2. You should acknowledge that perhaps your question is low on the list of other people's priorities.
  3. You should provide as much relevant information as possible. Here's an example of what you could say:
    "Hi. I have a task in which I am required to use an Arduino to control a 90V, 10A treadmill motor to power a <Ceiling fan/Coffee Roaster/Sybian>. Is this possible, and if so, will it require me to buy expensive hardware? I really want to learn something while doing this, so if you could direct me to an example of someone doing the same thing, or some useful documents, I would really appreciate it. Have a great day further".

Chuckle..... :slight_smile:

Hi thanks for that link is very useful so
How can i connect it to the Arduino?
The only thing i know is the PWM port in it..
but that only uses one wire??
I have no idea...
Could i also put it like where you would use none motor componet such as It was a LED??
instead of using PWM (it goes from 0-5 volts)