New Udemy Course -- Crash Course Electronics and PCB Design

Hey everyone,

I have been working the last 18 months on a new course for those trying to learn Electronics and interested in designing their OWN PCBs – The course starts off with “What’s an Electron?” and by the end of the course you will be designing your own PCBs including 3 projects and a complete Arduino based game console that mimics a Simon Color Match Game (images attached).

This course is perfect for newbies to electronics and even hackers that want a better theoretical foundation along with the skills to take ideas and design PCBs – As I scroll thru the 100’s of questions in this forum, I answer exactly these kinds of things, but also show the why and how in the course.

Anyway, here’s the information and discount code, please check it out.

Crash Course Electronics and PCB Design @ Udemy – 135 lectures, 87 hours. 50% Discount Code HAL9000.

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