new Yun board no serial connection


New Arduino Yun Board, Yun board selected

connect USB to tested connection with Uno,

the COMx disappear and attempt to download failed , no com and we cannot see comx for the serial connection

same cable connection tested with Uno and COMx appears and download fine

L13 light blinks red ON green WLAN white

? bad board?


elwolv: ? bad board?

That's possible. But it's more likely a driver installation problem - unlike the Uno, the Yun actually appears as two USB devices: the normal serial port, and the bootloader. When you go to load a sketch over USB, the serial port goes away, the bootloader comes on-line, the code loads, the bootloader goes away, and the serial port comes back. It uses two different USB drivers, and under a Windows they will actually be two different COM port numbers.

You will get what you describe if the bootloader device is not recognized in time, or if there is a driver problem and it is not recognized at all.


This is a good video to watch, again - if you have already watched it.

Getting started with Arduino Yún - tutorial (6:53)



thank you, no I did not see this video?

I did not finish the video, because the first instruction to find the connection wifi which I did when connected, and appears connected the IE stops working in my PC, so I disconnect to write this message

Q1: does not Yun when connected by USB serial to PC capable of connecting directly, driver present in IDE? Q2: device driver does not show any USB connection or COM Q3: how do I get my Brower connection back or that normal and I should not expect both to function simultaneously

Q4: I do not know yet Router/Internet information, thus I assumed I start by 32U connection then start on the wifi. does the Yun intended to be used as typical Arduino sketch GPIO? YES then how to do that first Q5: second why the instruction based on Arduino IDE not as in this video 56: does Yun act as router WAP or just WAP like my PC? I understand Linux+wifi = used in router application

but my pc+wifi not router application, that the basis of my question!!

thank you one step-at-a-time slow but sure

elwolv: hello

thank you, no I did not see this video?

I did not finish the video, because the first instruction to find the connection wifi which I did when connected, and appears connected the IE stops working in my PC, so I disconnect to write this message


@elwolv, windows is the most problematic of the platforms to get running. Please make sure all your drivers are upto date.

The answer to many of your questions are on the video.


elwolv: I did not finish the video, because the first instruction to find the connection wifi which I did when connected, and appears connected the IE stops working in my PC, so I disconnect to write this message

Let me rephrase this to see if I understand you, assuming certain details: the Yun is acting as it's default access point. Your computer is normally accessing the Internet via WiFi. You connected your computer to the Yun's access point, and can access the Yun's configuration pages, but can no longer access the Internet (I guess this is what you mean by IE stopped working.)

Does this explain the situation? If so, that is completely expected. Unless you set up the Yun with its own Internet connection, and are using it as a router (which is possible, but I'm sure you haven't done this) then when you disconnected from your home network and connected to the Yun, you will lose your Internet connection. There are three solutions:

  • Watch the rest of the video first, which will have you connect the Yun to your home network. You can then reconnect your PC to your home network and be able to access both the Yun and the Internet.
  • Connect your PC to your home network with a wired Ethernet connection, and use the WiFi to talk to the Yun. (Or you could connect the Yun with wired Ethernet, and keep your PC on the home WiFi.)
  • Set up the Yun to act as a router and connect it to the Internet, and connect your PC to the Yun. (Definitely the most advanced setup.)

It seems to me you have two issues: a Windows serial driver problem preventing you from accessing the Yun USB (not specifically a Yun problem) and a general lack of understanding of networking (also not a Yun problem.) I'm not chiding you for not understanding this, as everyone has to learn it somehow, and I don't want to chase you away. But your questions are basic enough, and generally out of scope of this forum, that it will take a lot of typing on our part to explain it. I suggest you watch some of the Yun introductory videos, and as far as the networking goes you should probably start out simple (as described in the videos) before venturing into the more complicated areas like setting up the Yun as a router and WAP.

But before you spend a lot of time on the USB driver issues, try a different USB cable. Many times when people report that nothing is detected when they plug in their Yun, it's because they are using the USB cable that came with their phone, MP3 player, or camera charger. To save money, many manufacturers give a charging only cable that only has the power wires and does not have the data wires (saves expensive copper.)

thank you for you explanation...

i realize the issue means we setting up home network, then

!! if we do not understand the simple fact behind how home network set up and works then we make errors.

since normally we do not make our computers at home (they form home network, but we do not connect, together or communicate, except by the wifi printer which get set up by its software as shared home networked node).

Means we do not have set up home network by configuring it, since we have no need, we simply check home network (or automatic) on internet option, and we do not do any configuration.

now Yun how to get back after its start up fresh to be on home network and accessible form the PC

start fresh, New board:

about mid of the page Configuring the onboard wifi: "open new brower page use ctrl N, in the URL address use: if the (arduino.local/ does not work? Becasue window bing or google, hord the URL function and search for the name in the DNS as a website, not access point)"

  • we did that since arduino.local/ did not work password arduino, log in, press configure at the top of the page
  • in the set up (starting fresh board) arduino.local/ did not work, but the address numbers did work and we got the config page and setup as MyYun1 (which showed as myyun1 in the next page)

after the message "it will go out after few minutes" which we did not start IDE at that time as shown in the video, a mistake click here was late and did not do the next step.... as in the video

Now: 1- on IE the arduino.local/, myYun1.local/ or will not find a connection

2 - Yun board shows on IDE and "COMx (arduino yun)" showed with the fresh start.

now after it disappeared from the Port list of available devices, no comx arduino yun on Ports in IDE, but its USB serial comx present for the IDE as Uno/328 does.

3- window 8.1, click connection icon, click view connection setting, under WiFi , my home network name listed under it, click manage known network both Yun and home network appears.

since, Yun know shown as one of the detected network and the WiFi functioning

Q: yun not listed on the clicked network icon list from the status bar

Q: how to bring back config page, to proceed on the step to open IDE and connect to Yun using the IDE "comx(arduino yun)" instead of the serial port comx only?

(?) i installed Bonjour browser and Bonjour printer (? why that needed). the browser shows only DVR TiVo present (I understand those bridge connections) but no Yun, (while manage known network shows yun + router but not DVR)

what the simple thing we missing in all that we should know?

thank you for your helps

Continuation: reading again all the information:

"You can now join the network you assigned to the Yún. "

your step: "Watch the rest of the video first, which will have you connect the Yun to your home network. (this the fresh start step) You can then reconnect your PC to your home network (when Yun time out at fresh start) and be able to access both the Yun (how? if we missed the time out and yun out) and the Internet (yes now). "

1- that means we did install a network called Yun, that why we shows 2 network radio icon under "manage known network" fresh start was a method to create Yun network (has nothing to do with my network used as tool to do that)

2- automatically Yun network shut down its connection to my pc and set as its own network

3- now I can leave my router network (which i am now working with since i can type to forum) and join Yun network and then I can talk to Yun again

4- when I do that leave my network router or can be on both is possible then: I get on IDE ports "address arduino com port for IDE and Yun communication"

now, I am connected by COM=wifi-address to Yun and Linux will do the rest inside to work with the download and communication with IDE back and we get ?printserial(...); or other way to print on IDE

thanks again

Finally get Yun-number on the network available:

I did give details steps, but by the end I did show the step to turn on Yun-number to connect to show we can download program, and tried to post, lost the message, internet off

the idea, that Flash Linux could not do that connection, it can only do fresh setup
as explained in the video

now we start from fresh setup like video, then we lost the connection by time out

start new process, Yun USB cable, will give comx(arduino yun) if not check cable, hub, it works all the time within a minute

we will follow the procedure under the upgrade to uSD image Linux to remove the flash image and we work form the SD, that how to get wifi connection we want

my notes listed:
thus, we done what we called fresh connection with Yun then we could not get it to communicate to PC after it timed our.
do not play with things so do not corrupt the Linux
do not use the uSD yet for any thing not inserted at all, avoid that so no distractions from Linino

Configuring your Yun over WiFi

  1. Connect:
  2. Yun to laptop with USB cable
  3. Access the Linux console from the Serial Monitor by uploading the YunSerialTerminal example:
  4. File->Examples->Bridge->YunSerialTerminal
  5. Remember to select “Yun” in “Tools->Board”.
  6. In the following steps, all the lines you type are in the top line of the serial monitor.
  7. Open your Serial Monitor and select New line line ending and 57600 baud (down near the bottom right corner). Put your cursor in the top line and press your key
  8. root@MyYun1:-#
  9. press the wlan key for > 30 sec, when released observe the listing
    [note how different this procedure from the one listed in instruction]
    10- then press enter key again
    11- type iwconfig
    12- wlan0 has master mode
    13- type ifconfig
    [ we watching the output on serial monitor ]
    15- next netwrok connection bars icon (network manager), click, only the router appears, hold for a while, then the Yun-MAC number appears,B4218AF020F5, click connect appears, click, it will connect, then it has ! sign and state no internet connection. Now both icons on the connection and the one on status bar shows Yun with its ! sign.
    16- IE Browser, Arduino.local/ does not work, the url number works
    In your web browser, browse to http://arduino.local use numbers
    When asked, the password is arduino Congratulations! You are connected to your Yun
    17- the pass word “arduino” However, the pass word we installed at the fresh start did not apply!! that means this new clean start fresh (?) with arduino password

uSD steps:

the same procedure as fresh install
the netwrok icon now revert to the router signal and Yun disappear.

  • next we installed the upgrade, that independent of the communication as requested:
  • download the zip file , unzip, format a uSD, copy the bin file to uSD root (format the SD)
  • insert uSD into the SD drive
  • proceed to the steps that we used to allow us start fresh, which means
    open the serial monitor, 56700 baud and correct COMx(arduino), press enter and get the Linux
  • we already have the downloaded serial monitor code
  • we simply press wlan for > 30 sec
    -open browser page, type the url number (arduino.local/ does not work)
  • we get the config page but this time with the uSD inserted we get direct connect ot SD which bring the config webpage with the reset red bar at the bottom of the page, click and wait for led flashing to end.

when done, wait, click on the netwrok icon, see the router name then the Yun will appear after that.

we click on Yun icon, with ! sign, we simply can talk to the Yun but not the internet at this time
the web page url number the password log in appearsuse arduino, our previous configuration removed.

now we see the UPLOAD SKETCH through the wifi not the serial port, directly from a file in the PC to the Arduino, insted of the IDE. at the bottom of the page the UPLOAD click bar. Just read the instruction this not IDE to compile .ino file, but a .exe here .hex file, follow the instruction to the page. ooopss we do not have internet connection, ??

we go back to the network simply the 2 networks now present on the available network list we just click the icon and press connect
the 2 network present together.

Arduino Build Process: ambiguous page, written for someone knows the process, not to learn it.

thank you
one step-at-a-time slow but sure