Newbie- RS422 PTZ camera controller using XBOX 360 wired

Greetings, I am a EE with some C+ experience tasked with creating a RS422 interface that will allow Pan, Tilt, Zoom, Auto focus, auto iris, white balance and a few other functions through a wired XBox 360 controller to a PTZ broadcast camera. serial comms are bi-directional from standard PTZ controller to camera. Manufacturer is Panasonic.
so questions I are have are:
What arduino components do i need? microcontroller, shield and misc items
What arduino drivers are available? xbox, Serial RS4222

Thanks ahead!

What functions do you expect the arduino play in this setup?

need ability to correlate the input data coming in USB from the XBOX controller, i.e. knob data to pan/tilt data, and pass the corresponding discreet serial strings from arduino directly to PTZ RS422 comm port.
so it basically acts as an programmable USB-to-RS422 interpreter.

The USB port used to program the Arduino can't be used as a host port (at least on most Arduinos). You'll likely need both a USB host shield and a RS422/RS485 chip to drive (and possibly read) the two balanced RS422 lines.

This post by Lukeyes mentions what he did to use a XBox 360 controller to control his robot.

There are plenty of game controllers which would be easier to use with an Arduino. Some of these other controllers are discussed in the above linked thread.

will take a look. thanks