Newbie - XBee with Arduino - or XBee alone?

[New to XBee / Arduino. Hope this is the best place to post this question. This may end up being an XBee question and not be directly related to Arduino, I'm not sure. If someone wants to point me to an XBee-only forum somewhere, thanks.]

I'm wanting to learn XBee by building a simple wireless switch to use in my home. I know using XBee as a simple on/off transmitter is overkill however it will give me a chance to learn XBee basics and also it seems like it's an inexpensive solution. So my question is, for a simple case where I want a battery powered XBee transmitter that can run for months without a new battery, can I do this by simply attaching a battery and a momentary switch to the XBee, or do I HAVE to attach a microcontroller to an XBee to get it to do anything at all, even the simplest of tasks? It seems like using a microcontroller in this case 1) will draw the battery power unnecessarily and 2) complicate what should be a simple task. Thanks.

battery and switch alone would be fine. If the xbee is powered up at the switch-press there will be some delay of course.

Ok thanks! I'm told the XBee forum at Digi is popular so I'll go there for programming questions.