Nixie Tube Clock

I'm trying to make a nixie tube clock (more of a multi-function display that is primarily used as a clock) using IN-8 tubes for the numbers and IN-3 tubes for the decimal places. The two operate at different voltages, so I was looking for an easy way to step the voltage down low enough for the IN-3 tubes. The IN-8s operate at ~180v and the IN-3s work between 65 and 90v. Anyone know of a way to do this? I'm controlling the tubes as per the linked instructable, if it is at all relevant.

Use a 12V to 65-90V boost converter, rather than stepping down from 180V.

Nixie tubes require a high ignition voltage, and drop less voltage while burning. Essential is the operating current, which is limited by the common anode resistor. It should be possible to drive both display types from the same voltage, with a higher resistor value for the smaller digits.