Nixie Tube Clock

I know that Nixie tube clocks have become cliche but I just finished mines today.

I built it on a single pcb, well, except for the pin out for the mcu had to be changed... I swapped a cheapie esp8266 for a adafruit feather....

got a 12v to 170v switching boost regulator, a 12v to 5v module, ws2812b leds, and an esp8266 ntp time clock.

I like the power factor meter case, very nice...

Tom.... :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Bitchen... wrong section BTW, there is Exhibition / Gallery. Do you afraid it would be lost in there?
Big +1. :slight_smile:

No particular reason, I didn’t think it mattered..

Interesting nixie in the middle, with sine wave.