No Power Through 12V Relay

My senior project group is really stumped trying to get power through our relay. It is 12V 2 channel, link here:

We have it hooked up just like all of the other forum threads suggest: 5v from Arduino to VCC, no ground to Arduino, and an external 12V power supply in JD VCC and GND. When we run our code, the LED turns on and off and we hear clicks, but no power ever gets through the relay to power our devices. We cannot figure out why other than the possibility that all three of the relays we have tried happened to be duds.

We are using a relay to switch power between a 12V electromagnet and a couple 12V solenoid locks (magnet normally closed, solenoids normally open). We thought a relay would be an easy way to do this but it has been incredibly frustrating. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

The relay contacts are separate connections, isolated from JV-VCC.

This link is likely the same design as your relay board. 8Ch Relay board

You can see the screw terminals are the connections to the relay contacts. Connect the power you want to switch to them.

When your relay clicks, it's switching.

Do you measure continuity at the NC contacts when the relay is off, and at the NO contacts when it's activated? That will confirm the relay is working.

Next step would be checking the wires to the 12V devices, measure at various points to see whether there's voltage or not.

Try this video .
It pretty much explains everything for you.