No update available for Shirriff's IRremote

Almost every time I start the Arduino IDE I get a popup saying updates are available. Sometimes there are, but mostly the only library shown is IRremote by Shirriff, version 2.2.3.

When I click on it, no update button appears.
"More info" lists versions 2.0.1 and 1.0.0.

How do I stop IRremote from appearing unless there really is an update available?

I do see a v2.2.3. So I suggest to uninstall it, (might) restart IDE and install it again.

What do you have selected in the Tools > Board menu?

Very strange!

I stopped the IDE, deleted sketchbook/libraries/IRremote, and restarted the IDE.
The Update popup appeared again, this time showing IRremote 2.2.1. I don't know where that came from.
Is there a 'proper' way to uninstall a library?

Anyway, clicking on it gave me an Update Button. Clicking on it installed version 2.2.3.
So far no spurious update notifications.

As for board selected, both UNO and Pro/Pro Mini.

There is a known bug in the Arduino IDE that causes spurious updatable library notifications when there is a bundled library in a hardware package (Arduino AVR Boards in this case) with the same name as a library in the Library Manager index. The thing is that there is no library named IRRemote in Arduino AVR Boards but I wouldn't be surprised if you had managed to install the library somewhere it wasn't supposed to be installed to. The fact that the library still shows as being installed even after you removed it from your sketchbook supports my hypothesis.

I know some big changes were recently made to the Library Manager code and I suspect this may have fixed that bug but those changes are only available in the hourly and beta builds of the Arduino IDE until the next production release comes out.