noob kickstart


Let me introduce myself, I'm Daniele, from Torino, Italy, I'm a computer programmer and musician (keyboardist/electronic producer). I want to start a project with Arduino but I don't know electronics (just some soldering skills to repair cables...)

So I need help to understand how to do that and if it's feasable or not with arduino and other component.

To be as cleaver and brief as possible, this is my idea:

A sample player box (with 44.1khz/16bit stereo resolution , with eventually downsampling), using as an interface a LED display, an encoder to select samples from an sd card, one button to select one and one button to toggle the sample play/stop, with eventually a lead that indicates the state of playing.

This could be a starting point project espandable with midi connection and more buttons and so on...

Please, can you give me advices if this could be done and wich arduino hw and components I need?

Thanks in advance!


As far as I know, there are no Arduino boards which would be suitable for this

The Due is probably the closest to the spec as it is fast and has DAC and ADC but not enough resolution, i.e not 16 bit.

Also none of the Arduino's have enough ram for this, and even though the Due can now transfer from SD card very quickly using DMA, you would still be better off using another platform

I suggest you look at the Raspberry PI or the BeagleBone Black

Thank-you for the advice.

I'm a little bit sorry...I wanted to use arduino as it is assembled very close to my city...


What about Maple ? or Teensy ?

moving to an ARM ?

I have not used either, it is just that they are on the fringe edges of my radar.

Maple or Teensy still don't have enough RAM or high enough DAC resolution to meet the spec the OP posted

e.g Maple

12-bit ADC resolution (ADC) 15 PWM pins at 16-bit resolution (PWM) Dedicated USB port for programming and communications (USB) External JTAG interface (USB) 128 Flash and 20KB SRAM

20k ram is not going to cut it.

At the sort of data rates the OP is taking about you need high speed access to quite a bit of ram, i.e 10's of mega bytes

Adafruit MP3 player shield comes in mind - - or - -

robtillaart: Adafruit MP3 player shield comes in mind - - or - -

I didn't find yet a demo on how it sounds, but that's seems very intresting and could fit my needs.

If I choose this one, wich arduino I have to buy?

another mp3 shield - -

think good speakers make the sound quality in the end.