not so sure how i shuld solder all the SMT little components

looking at all of the components on the BOM list i found for building arduino uno,
most of the Capacitors and Resistors and some other are very tiny.

like this resistor for example:

don't know how to solder them to the pcb, and even if i will, i will damage the entire PCB
any suggestions? :o

Try Googling:
smd solder

Loads of useful advice.


Try Googling:
smd solder

Loads of useful advice.


i found this video

i only have a simple soldering iron
and the guy in that video uses a more complex equipment with glue and something that called "Flux"
i'm not so what is it for and if it is possible for a begginer like me to try this on 0603 resistor or something in the same size

is it really that complex?

A beginner should NOT start with SMD parts.

One way for a one-off is to apply a SMALL amount of solder paste (not solder flux) to the pad.
Solder paste is a mix of zillions of microscopic lead/tin or silver/tin balls suspended in solder flux.
Drop the part on there. And use a hot air rework station to melt the solder. The part will align itself.
Soldering irons are too crude for a good result.

603 is awful to do by hand w/out some way to reflow it.

If you're not already experienced with soldering SMD, I would recommend against attempting it.

With reflow oven and soldering paste, it's not that hard, just tedious and unpleasant (assuming your vision is good)

603 parts aren't meant to be assembled by humans. I try to avoid anything smaller than 805.

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