Numeric up/down selector for arduino

Hi people, can anyone tell me where to find an up/down numeric selector to use on Arduino 2560?

What is "an up/down numeric selector "? Some kind of a toggle switch?

Anything suitable here?

something like this :o

Why not? You have not described the function in a way telling me what You really need. Go on.

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Thumbwheel switch

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Thumbwheel switch

yes, I did not its name :slight_smile:

I need to select functions from this Thumbwheel switch. For example the first digit is the type of function; the 2nd and 3rd is a porcentual value [0..99] to pass a pwm channel and the last two digits represent the channel nr. It's a led lightning application.

Good! Do what You want from the setting of the dials!

Such switches are usually 4 bit BCD output, so each switch will require 4 digital pins. Or shift registers to allow the Arduino to discover the value of the switch.


As I remember there are digitaly coded versions too.

Sorry, it's getting late here... I don't know the I/O of the 2560 but I suggest the use multiplexers in case there's not enough of I/O.

If the thumbwheel switch is not a requirement you could get the same effect with an encoder knob and LCD and use much less I/O.

thank you for replies. Some were useful.