Old Mouse Sensor

Good day to all!

Can anyone help me on old mouse sensor schematic…
Here’s the pic.


What kind of schematic??? How the mouse sensor alone works? What do you want to do with it?

I am trying to make a pulse monitor project sir.
I chose the mouse sensor because it's all I have.
And it is a phototransistor. But my problem is that it's really hard to find its pin configurations.

Thanks btw!

If you still have the mouse you took it from, you could reverse-engineer it and see how it was connected there.

If it is an simple IR sensor then look at these pages:



here are some information and uses for the IR Sensor.

I’m just starting with arduino and I’ve just view this topic.

The photo sensors of the old mouses contain two common emitter photo transistors The purpose of this configuration is to detect both the rotation speed and the rotation direction. If we don’t care about the direction information, either one of the output can be used.


You would seem to be dead on the mark regarding what the "sensor" is.

Unfortunately, the OP has not posted anything since May 2012, so is almost certainly not monitoring here! :frowning: