Sensors from old mouse

I have some old logitech mice here, the one with the ball to measure the movement.
To measure it, there are some infrared? LEDs/receiver in it.
The receivers have 3 pins.
I thought I can use them for something, but I can't figure out how to control them from an Arduino.
Does anyone has done this before?



Thanks for the answer.
Maybe it is right or not. Can't prove it, because I have not found anything about this.

So next question is, has anyone a hint on how to connect them / control them, maybe another website or instructable or something similar that will help me?


OK, the deal is this:

I gave you an answer which matched the amount of information you supplied.

The clue to using these sensors is to know and understand how they were used in the old mouse. You do not just remove parts from an assembly without taking careful note of how they were connected - you have to trace out the connections and identify Vcc, ground and the signal lines which went to the controlling IC.

If you wish assistance in that, you need to post perfectly focussed photographs of the mouse PCB, above and below, taken in good outdoor daylight.

And it occurs to me that these sensors probably contain two phototransistors each.