Optocoupler or a relay

I am about to finish one of my projects that I have been working on for some time. It includes arduino controlling a RF remote. I openned that remote and wired some wires to the buttons. At first I wanted to control the remote using relays. But because they take a lot of space and require some external circuit I started to think about other ways. And I found optocuplers. Can I use an optocupler instead of an relay in this case? The remote operates at 12V and all that I need is to bridge its GND to its +V for a few seconds. The optocouplers that I have around me are K3020P.

to bridge its GND to its +V for a few seconds


I just noticed how that sounds. Just ignore that! I just need to bridge the two button pins.

So I can't use these optocouplers. Damn it! That means another trip to elecronic store. Which one should I get then?